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The Memory of Things, by Gae Polisner

I was teaching assistant at an elementary school, getting ready for work when the planes hit the towers. My husband, already at his job at a major aerospace company, heard nothing until I called him. We were parents of a … Continue reading

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Civility, Responsibility, and Discourse for the Greater Good

You’ll notice that my blog has lain quiet for a time. Here is why. Week before last I composed two posts, each about a reading celebration. I was about to put up the first, celebrating my professional learning community and highlighting … Continue reading

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Grateful: Community

I celebrated last Saturday, as I said I would, the release of the e-Book version of Lessons from Pond Scum, along with my first year anniversary of as proprietor of Homeostasis Press. So much of community with a capital C … Continue reading

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Grateful: cooking and community

Last week, when I was really beginning to get the habit of capturing grateful moments with my phone camera, I photographed a pot of soup: My grateful moment wasn’t necessarily about the actual soup itself, though it was lovely and … Continue reading

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Beyond Books: Reshaping Libraries with NPR and my 4th grade class

I heard a snippet on the radio in the car today. It struck me so strongly that I interrupted a conversation with my wonderful husband and turned up the volume to catch the full story on NPR. This struck me … Continue reading

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