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Adventures in Biodiversity

I’ve spent the past several weeks preparing for a series of events which finished appropriately today, on National Public Lands Day. I connected with Deborah Perryman on Twitter, and because I have been paying close attention to teachers of science lately, I … Continue reading

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My Week in Books: a Picture Book Episode

Here’s another picture book post. I’ll share other books I’ve read separately. Enemy Pie, by Derek Munson, illustrated by Tara Calahan King This is a favorite for reading to first graders, with their developing sense of justice and the importance … Continue reading

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Grateful: Another Picture Book Celebration

Last week I shared on social media that I was celebrating reaching a writing goal: 12 weeks of daily, committed, calendared writing. The goal was to build a habit of writing something each day, to practice the craft and exercise the … Continue reading

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Grateful: these things made me smile

It’s busy. My part-time job is full at this time of year, what with chasing down over due books and making sure everyone has what they need before we shut down for the summer. And I’m retiring from this job, … Continue reading

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Day Job

Originally posted on Ed Castro's Blog:
It’s not a secret that most working artist have day jobs. However the reasons vary for person to person. I know artist who are mechanics, information technology personnel, are involved in sales of…

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