Thoughts on fibers: a changing perspective

It is a fibrous world. My love of threads and fibers began long ago, and has been fed over the years by the amazing opportunities I have had to teach and learn from so many. Here in these pages I have shared some of my fiber journey, and what it means to me. There is more to come, though right now, my focus has turned to crafting my writing. I find that the writing and the fiber are becoming intertwined over the years. Lately, my thinking has come around to illustrating picture books I’ve been rolling around in my head with fiber collage.  I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, you can poke around and find fiber here and there in my posts.


3 Responses to Thoughts on fibers: a changing perspective

  1. Threads and fabrics are also about telling stories – either with feelings: color, texture, symbolism, line and pattern. So wonderful to be able to use words as well. Now that’s what I call using both sides of the brain. Wonderful!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the follow over at Nothing Overlooked. I noticed you worked with Gail Harker, who I believe is based in Oak Harbor. I’m also a Whidbey Islander, although south end, rather than the Oak Harbor end of the island.
    I believe in creative cross training, so it is no surprise to me that as well as writing, you have a desire to work with visual imagery as well. Great things will come of that interaction, I’m sure.

    • vst3in says:

      Hmm. I know I replied to your comment, but it seems to have vanished into the ether. Yes, Gail was in Oak Harbor for many years, though I started with her in Coupeville. She has a studio in LaConner now. Cross training is such a good term to apply to all areas of life, thank you for that thinking! It’s been delightful to work in the sketchbook as well as the writer’s notebook.

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