Grateful: Getting Ready

I’m trying to turn my worry into thinking forward about the limitations I’ll have after my upcoming shoulder surgery. I tested my pants drawer the other day and by gum, there’s no way I’ll get it open one-handed. I know my husband can help me, but we all know he’ll be helping me with lots of stuff. I’m already freaking out about not being able to braid my hair. If I can dress myself, we’ll all be much happier.

2014-10-21 06.44.18

I stowed all the pants I can put on one-handed in the big cupboard in our room, the one with a swing door. That’s better.

NaNoWriMo is coming, National Novel Writing Month. I’m giving myself the month of November to put down the bones of a story that’s been calling to me for a long time. I’m risking losing momentum and taking a wee break from edits on my current book to breathe some life into an idea.

2014-10-21 06.45.09

I’m pretty excited about it, even though my research has been largely fruitless so far… maybe not a great place to be when I want to be writing flat out on an idea for a month, but I’ll take what I can get.

November is also PiBoIdMo: Picture Book Idea Month. I have some ideas for picture books I’ve been wanting to explore. I didn’t sign up for the official challenge for the month, but I did buy the sketchbook so that I can join in and have some fun creating.

2014-10-21 06.45.32

I think I need that! Since I went to the doctor yesterday for my preoperative appointment, I know that the best case scenario is that my shoulder will hurt, but that I’ll be able to move my arm any way I like after the day of surgery, and that moving it is best. My only limitation will be lifting weight. This was very heartening news, because it actually means that sketching will probably be really good therapy. November, here we come!

If that weren’t enough excitement, November is the beginning of Feederwatch season. I participated for five years running and then took a few years off. I’m getting excited to be back at it, watching birds and submitting tallies from November through April. I have a little time to recover my binocular arm before the season starts the 8th of November.

2014-10-21 06.53.14

Getting ready feels better than worrying. We’ll see how it’s helped me after my surgery at the end of this week.

About vst3in

I am a writer, avid reader, library techie, birder and runner. I make felt and teach others. I love colors and textures and birds and books. I'm working on a historical novel and reading lots of books for young people. I am running to get stronger, and I sail with my husband. This blog contains thoughts about all these things.
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