A 5-4-3-2-1 Interview with Kory Shrum, and a Giveaway!

As I am finding a bit more time to try out new types of reading, including that for the more mature crowd, I’ve challenged myself with a little urban fantasy of late. I’m very new to the genre and when I connected on Twitter with Kory Shrum, I thought I’d give her book, Dying for a Living, a try. It was an interesting premise and sounded like a departure from the traditional zombie/vampire offering. I enjoy zombies and vampires in a bookish sort of way, but for me, a little goes a long way.

Enter Shrum’s main character, Jesse. I was taken by our heroine’s struggles and by the premise first thing. The second book in the series, Dying by the Hour, is out, and I’m thrilled to welcome Kory for a chat today.

eBook cover

Kory was asked to answer the questions I gave her in a special way. This is a 5-4-3-2-1 interview. She’ll answer one question using one sentence, one question using two sentences, one using… you catch my drift? Thanks to Colby Sharp over at SharpRead – I love reading his interviews conducted in this style, so I totally stole the format for my 250th post, and my second blog interview ever. Thanks, Colby!

So let’s get to the interview, shall we?

Valerie: A beloved pug is featured in Dying for a Living. That had great appeal for me, that this person who dies all the time still wants a pet, and makes it work. Many of my readers are animal lovers, too. Do you feel that an animal was important in building the character of Jesse Sullivan?

Kory: Yes, it was pretty important because Jesse is such a snarky/sarcastic person. I needed to give her a few lovable qualities as well. And what is more loveable than a character who turns to mush over a little squish face? (3 sentences) 

V: You spoke in your LitWrap interview about how different from traditional urban fantasy books your series is, and how having a book that so clearly crossed genres made it difficult for you to publish traditionally. I find your determination to stick with what you built admirable. How did this mix of traditions come about for you?

K: I read a lot of different genres—mystery, science fiction, poetry, historical fiction, etc. And like all good writers, I steal from everything I read. So from what I can tell, all the different elements go into my head, get mushed together, and then fall out the other side—or onto the page, if you prefer—as an entirely new beast. At least, this is what I think is happening, but what do I know? I just work here. 😉 ( 5 sentences) 

V: Was there an ah-ha moment for you that led you from writing poetry to creating longer work, and fiction at that? You are a widely published poet, with a certain style of work already out there. Why change?

K: It’s not really a change because I’ve always been reading/writing fiction too. I just happened to publish my poetry first. (2 sentences). 

V: Share with us, please, what part of the writing process makes you really happy. What drives you to get up in the morning and do it again?

K: The beginning is always the most fun for me because the ideas are new and exciting and the possibilities are still endless. (1 sentence) 

V: What does a typical writing day look like for you? 

K: I get up and make coffee. Then I stumble up to my office with said caffeine and check my email, etc., basically attending to any important matters that might need immediate attention, while drinking my cup of goodness. Once I start to feel like a person, I turn on the music, and get to the actual writing. A great day is 2000 words, but anything above 1000 is a win. (4 sentences)

Thanks so much, Kory! I had fun with this, and hope you did, too! I held Kory to this strict structure and then I asked her what kind of music she writes to, to  mess it all up. Here’s her answer:

Kory: As to music, I listen to different things, depending upon my mood or the scene I’m working on. I use Pandora and I have a HUGE list of different  stations exactly for this purpose 😉

Now, let’s get to the giveaway! Click the link below to join the fun. If you’ve ever done these, you’ll know to get busy entering all the ways you can. And good luck!

 Rafflecopter giveaway

There is also a Facebook Afterparty with Kory on Tuesday, September 16, at 8p.m. EDT, where there’s even more fun to be had. Come on over! I’ll be there.

author photo


Thanks so much for visiting, Kory! I look forward to reading Dying by the Hour soon.

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  1. Thanks for having me, Valerie! I love this interview style and I’m honored to be your 250th post! 😉

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