MWiB: El Deafo Redux

I think I buried an offer too deep in last week’s MWiB post, so I’m repeating the commentary and making a new offer here.

El Deafo, by CeCe Bell

2014-09-01 13.54.40

I received this one as an ARC from a fellow Nerdy Book Club member who offered it to the first taker on Twitter. The book releases September 2nd – tomorrow!! I’ve been plotting how to pay this advance copy forward since I got the chance to read it. It’s one of the best memoirs I’ve read in a long time, a graphic novel autobiography sharing how the author became deaf, and how her life was affected by her deafness. She doesn’t flinch away from anything, but it’s not harsh. It’s a great book for middle grade students. I will be recommending it to many people, and I’m sending a copy to a good deaf friend who is excited to share it with his local school districts.

Bell not only tells her own story, but in the afterward, helps others understand that not every deaf person deals with their deafness by following the same path. This wonderful book, with its bunnies as the main players, opens a window for us, showing us how a challenge like deafness doesn’t have to disable a person. I felt profoundly grateful to read this book. I’ve decided. If you are interested in reading El Deafo, leave a comment and tell me why it interests you, and who you think you might share it with after you read it. Please pay it forward! I’d love to see how far it can go. It’s already crossed the continent, so we could make it travel all over the place. As a further, treat, visit Bell’s blog for El Deafo extras, photos and drawings which take us deeper into the process and her own experience.

I’ll choose a winner via living room hat dance (I dance around with all the names of commenters in a hat and the first one to fly out wins). If you don’t win, go buy a shiny new copy from your local Independent Bookseller tomorrow. You know you want to!

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