Grateful: Another Picture Book Celebration

Last week I shared on social media that I was celebrating reaching a writing goal: 12 weeks of daily, committed, calendared writing.

The goal was to build a habit of writing something each day, to practice the craft and exercise the muscle. For me, part of building good habits includes celebrating the successes that come from them. Twelve weeks of writing something most days seemed like a success to celebrate.

I’m grateful for the opportunity that’s been given me to focus on this goal. I’m also grateful for my access to public libraries. One of them featured heavily in my celebration, since I decided to read through several picture book titles I saved from some of the recent Picture Book 10 for 10 event. You can catch my own post here. I’m also grateful that though I only made my way through nine picture books, I can visit any of several branches from two library systems any time I want to discover more titles.

I stopped by one of the many libraries near me and headed for the children’s section with my list in hand. What fun to hang out there reading for an hour, picking some from my list, and some discovered in that particularly delightful treasure hunt called browsing.

Amazing Grace and Boundless Grace, by Mary Hoffman, illustrated by Caroline Binch

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The art on the spine and then on the cover caught my eye. After that, I was captivated by the wonderful character of Grace! Amazing Grace is a about a young girl’s exploration of the meaning of family and its many shapes.  Boundless Grace continues our relationship with these characters as Grace stands tall against assumptions about what blacks – and girls – can and can’t do. And as it turns out (spoiler alert), Grace can do just about anything she puts her mind to. These are triumphant stories with lovely watercolor artwork.

Calvin Can’t Fly, by Jennifer Berne, illustrated by Kenneth Bendis


What book lover wouldn’t be completely taken by this bookworm birdie? His friends are out doing “bird” things like learning to fly, while Calvin is hanging out in the library. This is such a great book about caring and collaboration and the power of information!

A Bedtime for Bear, by Bonny Becker, illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton


Yes, it’s just as good as A Visitor for Bear. There’s something about the gestures and facial expressions of both Bear and Mouse that get me every time. In love with this duo.

Minji’s Salon, by Eun-hee Choung


So much is expressed in the pictures in this book! They are a fabulous storytelling device, as Minji turns the house into a hair salon to surprise Mama, and the dog. Delightful artwork paired with just enough text makes this book’s motion-filled imagery come to life.

Boot & Shoe, by Marla Frazee


Hilarious, sweet book by another favorite picture book creator Marla Frazee. These two dear, dear dogs will keep you captivated from the first page turn to the last.

Elmer and the Rainbow, by David McKee


Very cute book! I had never read any Elmer books and figured it was time. This one carries a nice message about caring, with illustrations that keep us guessing.

Black Dog, by Levi Pinfold


Beautiful and unique illustrations make this quirky book a lovely journey from fear of a stray dog through an amazing transformation, all due to the courage and caring of the smallest member of the family. Memorable for the concept as well as the artwork.

I’m glad you could join me for my little celebration today.

Tomorrow, I’ve got another treat for you.

Come on over and join me for my first ever cover reveal!  I get to help launch a new book called Arrgh!, by fellow SCBWI member, Stacey R. Campbell.


She has a new middle grade novel, which I’m pretty excited to see. You can learn more about it tomorrow, when I reveal the cover here on the blog. See you then!

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I am a writer, avid reader, birder, food preserver, and retired school library lady. I love colors and textures looking for them in the world around me. I'm working on a historical novel and reading lots of books for young people. I'm working to stay strong into my senior years, and I sail with my husband. This blog contains thoughts about all these things.
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