#bookaday: Gratefulness and Graphic Novels

I had a little bookaday adventure which blended nicely with my grateful exercise this week.

It all started because of a book. Are you terribly surprised? My mother-in-law’s new wireless router does not play nicely with the wireless configuration on my older e-reader, and last night I was approved for five new titles to read from NetGalley.

I was anxious to get started, since a majority of them are by favorite kidlit authors and the others are by favorite mystery authors.

I’m in the middle of a good novel. I could have waited for these. They would have loaded just fine when I got home. But that’s not until Monday! I got a tad antsy.

What do you do when you’re antsy about connectivity and you know you can find it at the public library? You go looking for one, of course!

I’m sorry that I took no pictures of the tiny wonderful Washougal Community Library, part of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District, but I fell in love immediately. It’s nearly half made up of kids’ section!

It took some driving around after I followed the big blue “Library” sign, but I finally discovered the library along a quiet street. It was like going on a quest, me and my notebook and my e-reader on a mission.

I got my device connected and books were downloading, and that made me happy. But what should I do while waiting? Browse the shelves!

My reads at the Washougal library were from some new-to-me graphic novel series.

Cleopatra in Space, Book One: Target Practice, by Mike Maihack


I learned about “Cleopatra in Space” from a former student’s Mom. This series is on the “Soundview Should Have” list now. Here is some serious fun. Students will love the ancient/future mash-up and the great storytelling.

Owly: Tiny Tales, by Andy Runto


Then I found the Owly series. Practically wordless, I can see these appealing to a wide range of ages. They are a really interesting possibility for inference exercises.

Guinea Pig Pet Shop Private Eye, Book One: Hamster & Cheese, by Colleen Af Venables


Next, my eye was caught by Pet Shop Guinea Pig Private Eye, about a Guinea Pig named- wait for it – Sassypants. I can see this series being a big hit with Soundview kiddos too. Guess how one of the critters in the pet shop gets the idea that Sassypants is a PI? What happens when the G falls off the end of the Guinea Pig sign?

So thanks to NetGalley and the Washougal Community Library, I have five new books on my reader, I got to go on a quest to find a new library, and I discovered some new graphic novels, too.

I think that you should go on a quest. Your local library is a fine spot to find adventure. Or graphic novels. Or both!

About vst3in

I am a writer, avid reader, library techie, birder and runner. I make felt and teach others. I love colors and textures and birds and books. I'm working on a historical novel and reading lots of books for young people. I am running to get stronger, and I sail with my husband. This blog contains thoughts about all these things.
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3 Responses to #bookaday: Gratefulness and Graphic Novels

  1. I love a good library! It was my childhood refuge. I used to go to the main carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, which was part of the big art museum and science museum complex. Three story high rooms, lots of marble and big windows. I thought all libraries looked like that.

    • vst3in says:

      How lovely! I only remember painted benches in the first library I frequented as s kid. The one I spent the most time in was a converted church, I think, in a small town in Vermont. Because if it, I equate public libraries in my memory with dusty windows and hidden treasures found between old covers. Thanks for sharing memories!

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