Grateful: writing support system

I blogged from my phone this weekend when I was largely away from electronics. I have a hard time publicizing from my phone. So I didn’t. I said I’d post something about Linda Urban the next day. I also didn’t.

Maybe, then, you’d like to read this post – since I never told anyone about it. I think you’d also like to read about this author (Linda) whose tweet over the weekend got me connected with yet another way to re-energize my writing, called #WriteDaily30.

It’s a challenge to write every day, to keep track, to set goals and be accountable. My favorite part is the chain – a little row of Xs on a year-long calendar, which when put all together, make a chain of work, of progress. Don’t break the chain. I got to put my 5th X on the calendar today.

2014-05-29 06.49.47

I love the writing advice on Linda’s blog, too. I love being connected with like-minded people who work hard and support each other in the work that they do, too.

Sometimes I have to dig hard to find the origin of hashtags on Twitter. It’s like a treasure hunt. I’ve discovered some amazing, supportive communities lately by digging up the roots of these tags.

There’s #MondayBlogs, for instance. A bunch of nice people write blog posts and share them on Mondays. Others of us read and share them with our own Twitter communities. I’ve been very enriched by this exercise – write, share, read, share.

Then there’s #WWW (Women Writers Wednesday). Another thoughtful caring group of folks share their blog posts on Wednesdays and find a meeting place through the words of other women.

Some large “life stuff” has distracted me from posting on specific days, and even from reading, let alone sharing. But these communities of writers and readers will, I know, sustain and nurture me as I move forward very soon into a life of writing and of being a publisher, working full time at home. I will need that support.

Because frankly, as it is actually approaching (looming?!?), as I stare it in the face, I am terrified. It is invigorating, it is exciting, but it really scares me, too, to think that soon I will be the designer of the schedule, that I’ll be accountable only to me, when I’ve spent so many years giving my time to others.

2014-05-29 06.51.14

This is my choice, and it comes a year later than I decided it was time. I’m so glad I spent this extra year, though, doing what I’ve done so long. I’ve been able to reach closure, to help with transitions, to build structure for the future.

Will I miss reading aloud with kids every week? Absolutely. Will I miss talking books with students of so many ages? Oh, yes. But it’s time. Time to focus on finishing this book so that I can start writing some for those kids, too.

So here we go, into a new space, some new landscape to look at. Time to post my chain calendar on the bulletin board and get busy.

2014-05-29 06.51.40

I have some nurturing connections and some inspirations to carry me through.

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I am a writer, avid reader, birder, food preserver, and retired school library lady. I love colors and textures looking for them in the world around me. I'm working on a historical novel and reading lots of books for young people. I'm working to stay strong into my senior years, and I sail with my husband. This blog contains thoughts about all these things.
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