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Grateful: writing support system

I blogged from my phone this weekend when I was largely away from electronics. I have a hard time publicizing from my phone. So I didn’t. I said I’d post something about Linda Urban the next day. I also didn’t. … Continue reading

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Grateful: writing moments

I didn’t sleep well. The shoulders, the leg cramps kept awakening me. Early this morning I rolled out of bed, unknotted my calves and headed to the living room to write my morning pages. Then I started my day with … Continue reading

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Day Job

Originally posted on Ed Castro's Blog:
It’s not a secret that most working artist have day jobs. However the reasons vary for person to person. I know artist who are mechanics, information technology personnel, are involved in sales of…

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The Sixth Annual Book-a-Day Challenge

Originally posted on Nerdy Book Club:
New guests to our house always say the same thing when walking into our living room for the first time, “Wow, you’ve got a lot of books.” With thirteen bookcases—most double-stacked—and a custom built-in…

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Grateful: little things are big

Some simple things to be grateful for, in the past two days. As often, I find, they seem small when I set out to share them. Yet taken all together, they serve as reminders of how important this exercise is: … Continue reading

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