Grateful: Student reading lives

My second and third graders have been recording their reading lives since January. I have kept it very simple. It’s not a competition. It’s not required. Well, if you are a second or third grader and you finished a book this week, you are required to share it with me, so I guess that it is a required activity.

Each grade has taken over the end of a bookstack. They are filling fast, and now we’re beginning to spill onto other walls. Each month, I’ve asked students to tell me their favorite book and I’ve printed out the covers. We’re really starting to get pretty excited about it. This month’s stack of favorites makes me very happy:

2014-03-26 21.23.08

The fourth graders got excited about it (jealous, actually), and now they have started their own wall in their classroom, keeping track by genre just for fun. I’m so very grateful that I get to be a part of my students’ reading lives, that we get to celebrate together.

And here are our Reading Life Walls, almost three months into this project, though mine is books read since June – I started the year with it behind my desk, and it still leads to great conversations with students.

Third grade has taken off!

2014-03-27 11.44.29 2014-03-27 11.44.37

Second graders had trouble remembering what books they’d read, so their teacher started a class reading log so that all their books could get onto the wall.

2014-03-27 11.44.17

Here’s mine. It doesn’t include all my books, just representative covers to give a feel for the variety I read. And I especially liked the suggestions from several reading teachers to make sure kids in their classrooms always know what’s up next for them to read. I can’t exactly do that in my library, but I can model it and I can be ready with recommendations when a student finishes a book.

2014-03-27 11.48.33

At the end of the year, I’ll have a stack of book covers to play with, and each student will have their book pages plus their favorite book covers, too.

Yes, I am grateful for the opportunity to share the reading lives of my students, and to share my own.

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I am a writer, avid reader, library techie, birder and runner. I make felt and teach others. I love colors and textures and birds and books. I'm working on a historical novel and reading lots of books for young people. I am running to get stronger, and I sail with my husband. This blog contains thoughts about all these things.
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