Ten Ways to Raise Writers by Julie Falatko

I love this post by Julie Falatko. So many great ideas for anyone who writes, but especially those whose kids are exploring writing. “NOBODY TALK!” Is a new catch phrase for many of now, I’m thinking.

Nerdy Book Club

We are a family of writers.

This is a new thing.

Last year was the year I started to take myself seriously as a writer. And, somehow, that has rubbed off on my kids.

The other day my 10-year-old was grinning when he came home from school. “I came up with a great idea for a historical fiction book!” he said. And then he told us all the story, and it was, in the eyes of this completely unbiased mom, a fantastic idea. He’s also working on a fantasy novel. Which, I can tell you, as an impartial observer, is brilliant.

But you know what else is brilliant? How energized he is about writing. This is a new thing for him. He’s always been a reader, but this is the first year that he’s really gotten excited about writing.

Why are my kids (especially my older kids) suddenly so interested…

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