Once Upon a Memory: a lovely look back

Once Upon a MemoryOnce Upon a Memory by Nina Laden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lyrical and sweet, this lovely, gentle book invites the reader to pause and reflect. One could blow through it, feel only the surface of each sentiment. But this is one to savor, slowly, page by page.
Between Laden’s lilting questions and Liwska’s soft images, alive with gesture and heart, the reader has been handed a complete experience in looking back.
The preschool teacher at our school read it with her students. Young children are born storytellers and delighted in a book full of questions to set them off on their own journey of sharing. The teacher told me she wished she could spend a week in this book, letting her little ones delve into art activities planned around each and every page. She’s cool like that.
This is a beautiful book to share in a small group or with a one in a lap. Prepare to be inspired to share your own reminiscences, as I was. Reading the creators’ favorite memories shared in the back of the book, I traveled with delight down my own memory lane.

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