The Runaway King: Curse You, Author!

The Runaway King (The Ascendance Trilogy, #2)The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Curse you, Jennifer Nielsen! I read the Runaway King as an Advance Reader’s Copy snagged with delight at ALA Midwinter in January. I was listening to The False Prince at the time and was excited to get the second so close on the heels of a book I’d enjoyed so much.
I was two thirds of the way through when the unthinkable happened – Jennifer Nielsen was coming, in a week, to our town, our Barnes and Noble! I read like mad to get through it but didn’t quite finish before the big day, since I was trying to get a bit of her book tour partner’s book read as well (Lisa McMann’s Unwanteds will be reviewed another day, since I just finished it).

Jennifer Nielsen talks about her process

Jennifer Nielsen talks about her process

Jennifer talked about her writing process, about her plotting, and about what makes a hero. Then she told us that we’d curse her at the end of book two. And the the next one wouldn’t come out for quite some time, but it would be worth the wait.
Curse you, Jennifer Nielsen. You did leave us hanging. Tied all the ends neatly up and got our complacency rolling nicely around there at the end of this great sequel. And then – then, well, you snatched our complacency, left us sitting there, disconsolate, in the dust.
My advice to you is to read this book, after reading the rollicking False Prince. It’s adventure and loyalty and intrigue and betrayal all rolled into one. You’ll love some people. You’ll hate some others. And in the end, when everything is going along nicely, you’ll curse the author. Just remember, she planned it that way.
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