Snowboy 1,2, 3: A Snowy Delight

Snowboy 1, 2, 3Snowboy 1, 2, 3 by Joe Wahman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My Early Childhood kiddos loved this book. Actually, when I asked them if they liked it, they leaned close and said, so there would be no mistaking, “We LOVED it.” I was told that they particularly loved the sparkles on the front, the pictures, and the glove.

Sitting in a close circle, we read and counted and examined. They were anxious to find the glove the raven stole, and delighted in finding it, both the tiny rendering and the bigger ones in the crisp detailed pictures. They decided as we read that the paper ornaments were hung by “Chinese spiders!” I’m not sure why  that was the case for them, but it seemed to make sense in our circle, and the spiders were pretty important. We all agreed we had NEVER seen a snowman juggling before!

For intimate seek and find moments, for kids who love looking and questioning, this is a counting book which is a cut above. Teachers appreciated the story hidden within the story, too.

This has become a favorite winter read-aloud in my library already.

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2 Responses to Snowboy 1,2, 3: A Snowy Delight

  1. Wendy Wahman says:

    I just read your review, and smiled at the Chinese spiders. Oh, I love how kids see and read. Thanks for the lovely shout out for Snowboy. xo

    • vst3in says:

      It’s so important when reviewing to remember who the book’s intended audience is, and kids have the most amazing way of getting right in there and letting you know what they like. I think we forget what is magical for little ones when we aren’t little ones anymore ourselves, and it is so special to be reminded! I loved sharing this book with those little guys. Delightful.

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