Railsea: Giant Moles and Steadfast Friends

RailseaRailsea by China Miéville

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was looking forward to getting into this one. Railsea is a dim and eerie place to visit, terrifying in its feeling of immediacy, somehow. Imagine, if you will, giant carnivorous moles and other under-earth creatures, huge and horrible. Mieville’s interestingly constructed sentences, his terse descriptions of place, of fleeting moments, are powerful. They take the reader to the very spot, the very breath of an instant’s feeling, action, thought. Each nugget is like a chunk of the story, set in the reader’s hands, rough and entire, so that we’re there. Mieville has created an astonishing world, fantastical and yet somehow familiar, and I can’t wait to see the drawings in the print version . Likely for the older middle grade student, simply for the complexity of its construction; it is frightening and starkly potent with loss, fear and danger. It also inspires, with the shining light of tenacity which runs through its darkness like a silver thread.

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