Another Vacation book review – just a little middle grade fantasy

Two Moon PrincessTwo Moon Princess by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban
Two Moon Princess, by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban – a review

I finally read Two Moon Princess last night, though it’s been in my e-reader for way too long; I couldn’t turn off the light until every character was safe back in the world in which they belonged. Still moving between those two worlds, I am reliving the characters and trying to make complete sense of the quickly-shifting plot, the only thing which falters in this first novel by Ferreiro-Esteban. Set between another world (with two moons in the sky, and in a time resembling our mediaeval Europe) and contemporary California, this book has an interesting premise, in which movements between worlds and other aspects of the culture are tied to the cycle of the moon(s). Andrea wants to be a knight, and has trained in the arts of war. The arts of the lady hold no interest for her, though she knows she is doomed, ultimately, to act the princess that she is. She accidentally travels to our contemporary Earth in the moon time shift which opens the gate between the worlds, and the results of her actions throw her into circumstances she never imagined could be hers to experience. Characters are interesting and most are fairly believable; Andrea matures as we watch. Sometimes the plot convolutes itself and the reader is left wondering about minor inconsistencies, but young teen readers will enjoy the journey, which blends fantasy, mystery, romance, and even the threat of war between kingdoms into a satisfying package.

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